Those who participate in Democracy are owed an efficient system to exercise their right to vote.

With the rise of technological innovations in the last decade, we must correct the many errors the exist within our voting system. Elections should be fair and accessible to each and every eligible voter. Voter suppression has become a plague across Georgia, and we cannot allow our elections to be stolen from us. With a majority of our state consisting of rural areas, we must expand access to voting that simplifies the way people vote.

As your State Representatives, I will:

  • Propose legislation that makes election day a state holiday.

  • Support automatic voter registration to all eligible voters, saving millions of dollars and decreasing voter fraud.

  • Introduce more voting locations in rural areas.

  • Provide grants to counties that provide free public transportation to voting locations on election day.

  • Introduce paper receipts in addition to electronic ballots for confirm of ballot cast.

  • Establish a non-partisan not-for-profit redistricting committee to fairly draw Georgia’s districts, eliminating widespread gerrymandering.

  • Update our ballot boxes, software, and other election technologies to keep up with the 21st century.