Small businesses are the engines that drive our economy forward.

With the rise of big box stores and retail, it is important that we recognize the role small business plays, and that we do everything we can to support them. They account for nearly half of America’s workforce, and represents 99% of employer firms. Small businesses also contribute greatly to their communities, stimulating economic growth, and being able to quickly adapt to the economic climate. They serve as places that neighbors and friends can establish comfort, and serves as a reminder of the uniqueness of different cities across Georgia. When you shop local, you give back to your community as a result, generating revenue that goes to local emergency services, community projects, and local schools.

We must protect our small businesses. As your State Representative, I will:

  • Address the lack of access to capitol, holding back small businesses from growing and contributing.

  • Ensure clean and responsible regulations for lenders and non-bank sources of capital.

  • Expand access to affordable healthcare for small business employees, strengthening the small group market, and ending the separation of risk pools, like association health plans, which inflate healthcare costs for many small businesses.

  • Reform our current tax system to promote fairness over tax breaks that favor large corporations.

  • Provide tax incentives to small businesses across Georgia.