On The Issues

Find out where I stand on the most pressing issues.


Our education system deserves more.

Georgia’s students and educators deserve the absolute best, up-to-date technologies and we must come to realize that our children hold the key to our future, both in Georgia and all across the United States.


Over 13% of Georgians are uninsured, placing us 4th in the nation for most uninsured people.

We must expand Medicaid and Medicare throughout Georgia to ensure everyone has access to healthcare without having to choose between treatment and bills.


Unions are the backbone of Georgia’s economic prosperity.

With worker protections diminishing across the United States, it’s time for Georgia to take a stand ensuring workers receive the pay and benefits that are much deserved.

criminal justice.png

We must maintain a fair criminal justice system and end mass incarceration.

The United States has just under 2.3 million individuals incarcerated, or 716 out of every 100,000 people, placing us as the most incarcerated nation in the world.


Small businesses are the engines that drive our economy forward.

With the rise of big box stores and retail, it is important that we recognize the role small business plays, and that we do everything we can to support them.


Georgia’s coast is home to some of the world’s most pristine ecosystems. We must act now to protect it.

In Georgia, we are known for our beautiful coasts, picturesque landscapes, and rural wilderness. But most importantly, this is our home.


No matter your sexuality, race, gender, or heritage, everyone deserves equal treatment.

There is a constant reminder associated with the idea that some view others as inferior to them because of whom they love, the color of their skin, or means of transportation, but there is also systematic oppression against minorities that still exist this very day.


We must address how to both protect responsible gun owners and how to get illegal guns off the streets.

There is a rising problem with gun violence in America, and a vast majority of it stems from illegal acquisition of firearms.


Georgia is home to many servicemembers, veterans, and their families. It’s time to give back to our defenders of freedom.

Over 88,000 active duty and reserve personnel combined with over 641,000 veterans call Georgia home.


Those who participate in Democracy are owed an efficient system to exercise their right to vote.

With the rise of technological innovations in the last decade, we must correct the many errors the exist within our voting system.