We must address how to both protect responsible gun owners and how to get illegal guns off the streets.

There is a rising problem with gun violence in America, and a vast majority of it stems from illegal acquisition of firearms. As a responsible gun owner myself, I have taken extra measures to become firearm safety certified, and keep up to date with my knowledge of firearm safety and regulations. Gun ownership is a right guaranteed by our 2nd Amendment, but we must understand that in order to get illegal guns off the streets, we must do more to strengthen our security with responsible gun owners.

As your State Representative, I will:

  • Enact legislation that requires successful completion of a one-time firearms safety course to cost no more than $50 before being able to purchase a firearm or apply for a Georgia Weapons Carry License.

  • Provide a means for more comprehensive background checks for gun purchases and gun permit applicants, including a mental health evaluation.

  • Provide an incentive to Georgia Weapons Carry License applicants who successfully complete 8 hours of optional range training and the proposed required firearms safety course, dropping the permit application fee to just $10.

  • Require personal transactions of firearm purchases to be documented via receipt and submitted to the County Probate Court within 30 days of the transaction at no cost, along with a state affidavit stating that both parties have a firearms safety course certificate if purchasing a long gun, or a Georgia Weapons Carry License if purchasing a handgun, to prevent illegal firearm purchases.

  • Enact legislation giving severe penalties to individuals found with a firearm without proper permits, and to parties engaging in illegal person transactions of firearms.

  • Enact legislation mandating proper storage of firearms in households and vehicles, particularly those with children, to prevent firearm accidents.