No matter your sexuality, race, gender, means of transportation, or heritage, everyone deserves equal treatment.

As an openly gay man, I understand first-hand the hardships that come with it. But to me, it serves as more than just a lifestyle, but rather a completion of who I am. There is a constant reminder associated with the idea that some view others as inferior to them because of whom they love, the color of their skin, or their means of transportation, but there is also systematic oppression against minorities that still exist this very day.

One of the most common equality issues is giving those with disabilities the freedom they too deserve. Society has turned a blind eye to people with disabilities, and we must not let their freedom be forgotten.

Our government has consistently chosen to not provide protections for minorities, and instead chooses to actively work against us. As your State Representative, I will

  • Oppose any legislation allowing discrimination in Georgia.

  • Introduce legislation that gives equal housing and lending protections for every person, regardless of sexuality, race, gender, disability, or heritage.

  • Support legislation that gives everyone equal workplace protections, regardless of sexuality, race, gender, disability, or heritage.

  • Expand what constitutes as hate crimes while also imposing severe consequences for those found guilty of organizing, participating, or executing hate crimes.

  • Support legislation giving people with disabilities more freedom and ease, including requiring all public buildings built after 2020 to have automated doors and handicap-accessible entries, requiring handicap restrooms in public buildings that include sanitation equipment for adults and older with disabilities, and developing a system that curbs illegal parking in handicap-designated spaces.