Our education system deserves more.

We must invest in our students and educators across Georgia. We currently rank 31st in the nation for overall education health, yet we continue to thrive as the Empire State of the South. Proper funding of our education system is vital if we are to have continued economic success for our youth who are eager to contribute to Georgia’s economic soar. Georgia’s students and educators deserve the absolute best, up-to-date technologies and we must come to realize that our children hold the key to our future, both in Georgia and all across the United States.

As a graduate of a Georgia public high school in 2015, I understand first-hand what we must accomplish to retain our students and educators to set them up for success. As your State Representative, I will:

  • Support legislation increasing our state education budget, working closely with the Georgia School Superintendent, students, and parents across District 164 to determine what our education system needs the most.

  • Support legislation giving Georgia educators a raise, and raising the starting base pay for educators at $54,000 a year.

  • Give teachers the freedom to enact their own curriculum, giving students a more personal, in-depth lesson.

  • Mandate a new required high school course that teaches real-world financial management to students including taxes, insurances, and credit.

  • Highlight the importance of trade schools and apprenticeship programs in public high schools.

  • Provide the means to ensure our bus drivers and school transportation officials have the latest, up to date equipment and pay increases to safely transport our students.

  • Enact legislation that makes it easier for educators to unionize.

  • Provide breakfast and lunch free for all public education students across Georgia.

  • Strengthen early education programs to set our youth up for success.

  • Provide state debt-relief programs to those seeking higher education with less income.